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The new industrial revolution is disrupting the traditional approach to design, manufacture and operate things. Prediction workflows based on automated operational data analysis can bring real value to your company but building and maintaining an effective technology infrastructure is challenging. Technology is moving fast and building a technological strategy that involves Digital Transformation, Internet of Things and Big-Data is time consuming: competition is fierce and you cannot afford to lose time.


Senseioty transforms operational data into a strategic asset for your company. Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Big-Data combined together to bring your process accuracy and efficiency to next level. Senseioty draws forth Big-Data and online Analytics at scale into existence and unlocks the full potential of your operational data

Senseioty allows to secure operational data in your Big-Data infrastructure and enables self-service data exploration and analytics workflows on top of your Company data lake. If you don’t have a Big-Data infrastructure in place, Senseioty team can help you design the best Big-Data infrastructure depending on your needs


Data ingestion

Scalability, heterogeneity, security and high availability requirements are addressed for many protocols. New ones can be integrated in hours.

Data storage and distribution

Data are securely and safely stored into scalable Big Data repository. Fine-grained and customizable policies available to access data.

Distributed Data Analytics

Self-service analytics workflows turn sophisticated algorithms into easy-to-consume, real-time, web-based applications.

Data Visualization

You can navigate your data by PC, tablet and smartphone, every time and everywhere to take your decision moving towards the digital transformation.

Key features

Automate data processing

Senseioty can automate data ingestion with many off-the-shelf IoT protocol drivers such as OPC UA, MQTT, CoAP, SNMP, BluetoothLE. You can also integrate or adapt your custom protocols leveraging Senseioty IoT connectors templates

Real-time Insights

Senseioty realizes a truly data-centric infrastructure: individual applications no longer contains the data as it is safely stored in Big-Data repository. Data never stop flowing and Senseioty analyzes your operational events continuously, generating insights in real-time

Cherry-pick what you need

The technologies within Senseioty can be selected and tailored to fit your problem at hand. Senseioty provides auth services for users and things, asset management, Big-Data connectors and Analytics but you can start small with just few components and grow on the go.

No fear and scale out

Senseioty operates with amazing efficiency and it is built to fully leverage modern cloud infrastructures functionalities in terms of elastic scalability such as distributed services, auto-discovery for cluster nodes and native DevOps support

Analytics applications

Senseioty APIs can be used to develop new applications and extension modules. Senseioty features the FlairBook analytics workflow designer that turns sophisticated data science workflows into easy-to-consume web-based applications

Data with quality

Senseioty takes an opinionated view on your operational data and provides a sound and extensible model to turn your data into immutable and self-contained stream of events. Once secured on Big-Data lake, events can be safely consumed by your analytics and applications


Reduction of downtime


Increased Revenues


Reduction of development


Cost reduction

WhatWe Offer More

More than a product


Tailored on your needs

Your business processes and logics can be easily implemented in Senseioty.


many systems, one data lake

Seamless integration with CRM, ERP, and other systems in your company.

Managed solution

We control, you use

Just use Senseioty, we’ll take care of meeting the required SLA and an up-to-date solution for you.

Technical support

It's all about you

From an e-mail support to a dedicated phone line you always know how to reach us.

OurUse Cases

Data-Driven applications rely on Senseioty


Asset Management

Senseioty enables remote control and monitoring of equipment preventing fraud, enabling predictive maintenance and establishing a two-way link with asset to send orders and settings. Everything under your control in real-time.


Smart Agriculture

Senseioty interacts with sensors, equipment, tractors, sprayers and other vehicles to gather data. It empowers precision agriculture enabling smart metering, livestock trackers, failure prediction systems, resource mapping and optimisation, etc.


Connected Manufacturing

With Senseioty you can connect all your data from the plant floor to the top floor and everywhere in between to turn data into action by using advanced analytics to identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and improving your operational efficiency.

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Senseioty integrates medical devices improving the quality and effectiveness of service, bringing especially high value for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, and those requiring constant supervision while guaranteeing security and privacy.



Senseioty increases the profitability and productivity of fleets, containers, spaces using the latest big data analytics algorithms to boost operational efficiency and to lower costs (e.g., forecast passenger flow in stations, optimise bus route).


Predictive Maintenance

Senseioty provides access to usage and status data directly from equipment. Data analytics predicts machine failures. Process analytics helps monitor and schedule field service technicians. The end result: reduced costs and improved service levels.

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Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all
Charles Babbage, inventor

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